About Me

I’ll be asking you some questions to help me plan your vacation.  I need to know a little about your interests and what you expect when you travel so I can custom tailor your trip.  It’s only fair that you know a little about me too before we get started.

My own international travel experience started when I was 15.  My father was a USGS hydrologist and my family moved to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1970. That was a pretty heavy introduction to overseas living but I was young and flexible so I loved every minute of it.  By the way, no computers, no tv, no smart phones, no gps, no Alexa, mail took at least a month, etc.  In short, we were pretty much on our own.  The only thing was that after 5 months, there was a revolution to break with West Pakistan and we had to leave.  The USAID program didn’t know exactly what to do with my dad at that point so we lived in Iran, Afghanistan, and India for the next three years.  After I moved out on my own, I eventually lived a year in France, four years in Spain, a year in the Persian Gulf in the US Navy, two more years in Bangladesh, and about four years in Mexico plus maybe a year of travel in Mexico as a tourist.  I got my start in the travel industry by taking complete charge of booking flights, hotels, and tours for groups of up to 22 students and chaperones each year for my students in the Spanish Club at the high school where I taught.  Other than that I’ve spent about another year visiting other countries like Nepal, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, and various countries in Europe.

I learned a lot about travel during those years.  I utilize what I learned to design the best possible itinerary to fit your budget and needs.

David Sammel