Pujol Restaurant In Mexico City
Pujol Restaurant In Mexico City – Image credit, Tripadvisor

Looking for amazing restaurants in Mexico City. Ok, some of the best food in Mexico is to be found in smaller little restaurants or street taco stands that turn out some of the tastiest meals you can find on Earth, authentic and brimming with flavor.  And you should definitely give them a try.  But this list is going to focus on one kind of restaurant; those that have elevated Mexican food to the level of haute cuisine.  There are plenty of French, Argentine, Spanish, Asian, etc., restaurants in Mexico City that offer a gourmet experience, but hey, when in Rome…, right?  All the restaurants on this list offer superb gourmet dining in a unique venue, with the highest quality fresh ingredients sourced from all over Mexico.  They take traditional Mexican cuisine to a plateau you’re probably unfamiliar with. If you’re looking for a really special treat in the capital and are prepared to spend some money, these restaurants are worth looking into.  ¡Provecho!

Pujol – This is the empress, the one that has set the standard for all other restaurants in Mexico since the year 2000.  It’s listed as the number 12 restaurant in the world by San Pellegrino’s theworlds50best.com.  Located in the elegant Polanco area, the restaurant sources its ingredients from all over Mexico, bringing only the freshest to your table.  The ambience is refined and understated, allowing you to focus on what will be one of the best meals of your life.  Pujol keeps it simple; two tasting menus for both lunch and dinner, and a nine-course chef’s choice taco bar.  Try the zucchini blossom cappuccino.

Pujol Restaurant, image credit – tripadvisor

La Hacienda De Los Morales – This elegantly appointed restaurant is pure colonial.  Housed in an enormous 400-year-old former silk factory, the gardens and décor are astonishing.  If it feels like you stepped back into the 17th century, it’s because you did.  The spacious covered dining patio has its original fountain.  You might want to try the famous Chile En Nogada, a dish that originated in Puebla.  The menu features some of Mexico’s best dishes and if you find something on the menu you just love, you can take a Hacienda class to learn how to prepare it.  Go back home and cook Mexican dishes like an haute cuisine chef!

Hacienda De Los Morales, image credit – tripadvisor

Quintonil – Jorge Vallejo started this restaurant with his charismatic wife Alejandra Flores in 2012, after having worked with the owner of Pujol (top of our list) for several years.  Their restaurant’s position at number 23 on theworlds50best.com should clearly demonstrate that Mexican haute cuisine has arrived.  (Wake up, Michelin!)  The interior is minimal yet warm, and the dishes are simply works of art, brimming with color, flavor, and often adorned with an exquisite smattering of edible flowers.  Jorge sources most of his fresh veggies from his own dedicated restaurant garden only 30 feet away from your table so you know that what you’re eating is as fresh as it can possibly be.  A must-experience dining event!

Quintonil, image credit – tripadvisor

Sud 777 – Head chef Edgar Nuñez has created a menu around one of Mexico’s greatest assets: its vegetables.  He sources his veggies from the restaurant’s own garden as well as the chinampas (floating gardens) of Xochimilco.  While not a vegetarian restaurant, it offers enough veggie and vegan options to please any vegetarian.  The wine list features excellent wines from Mexico’s up and coming wine regions.  Sud 777 is located about a half hour from the city center but it’s only minutes from Frida Kahlo’s former home, now a museum, so it makes a perfect stop after visiting.  You’ll find the decor warm and inviting, with a beautiful ivy-walled outdoor patio completely isolated from any outside traffic noise.  Sud 777 has made the Latin America’s Top 50 Restaurants list the last four years running.  Definitely work a look.  Try the locally raised turkey in mole with banana, amaranth, and quelite greens.

Sud 777, image credit – tripadvisor

Antiguo San Angel Inn – San Angel Inn is definitely old-school, and in this restaurant that’s a good thing.  They are not trying to set the avant-garde culinary world on fire. The menu is traditional and exquisitely prepared in a wonderful setting.  Its well-deserved reputation comes from the best dishes that Mexican cuisine offers, using only the best ingredients.  The chefs are dedicated to keeping Mexico’s rich culinary heritage at its highest level.   The venue is superb.  Originally a hacienda built in 1616, the current buildings were constructed in 1776.  Stepping into the flowered gardens is like stepping back in time.  If the weather’s nice, be sure and ask for a table in the patio.   This is the place that invented the Margarita, so you know what to order!

Antiguo San Angel Inn, image credit – tripadvisor

La Casa De Las Sirenas – One of the great things about Mexico is that you can eat your dinner in a 500-year-old building.  The first stones for Sirenas were laid in 1524.  The house has been renovated many times over the years, but its history dates back to that year.  Everywhere you look you notice period details; the fine wrought ironwork, carved stone façade, tile floors, the stunning stained glass.  Add to this its central location next to the cathedral on the main Zócalo and its views from the roof-top patio, and you have a very special place to dine.  This is another top-end restaurant specializing in traditional Mexican food.   Authenticity is the focus here, along with the highest quality fresh ingredients.  I’ve heard it said that service is a bit spotty at times but given that the restaurant is spread over three floors, that may explain why.  In any case, eating here is a treat anytime you visit Mexico City.

Casa De Las Sirenas, Mexico City
Casa De Las Sirenas, image credit – tripadvisor