Why Choose A Concierge Travel Service

You’ve Already Traveled

If you’ve done the typical Cancun vacation, you may be ready to explore Mexico a little more deeply.  My travel planning services will get you to the special places that Mexico has to offer. 

Photo:  Cathedral in Mexico City

No Need To Rush

With a concierge service, you won’t feel like you have to cram a dozen different activities into each day just to make sure you have at least a few good ones.  Let me guide you to the places you really want to see.

Photo: Christmas in Puebla

You Want A Quality Experience

Call it what you will, you’re looking for the “real” Mexico.  And yes, it really does exist.  Explore incredible Aztec and Mayan ruins, visit quaint little artisanal villages where you can buy high quality rugs, ceramics, and other artwork, have a delightful, relaxed lunch in a little bistro on a tree-shaded pedestrian street, shop in the best boutiques, dine at Mexico’s best restaurants.  It’s all arranged for you.  You’ll have access to places that other tourists miss.

Photo: Day Of The Dead Festivities 


Day Of The Dead

Vacation Time Should Be Vacation Time

San Miguel De Allende

Why spend your valuable vacation time haggling with a taxi driver to take you to Teotihuacan?  You can have a personal driver get you there, a guide to show you around, lunch in a romantic little restaurant, and transportation back to your hotel all arranged for you for a stress-free day. 

Photo: San Miguel De Allende

A Concierge is There For You

Difficulties on your trip?  If you choose, I can be there for you 24/7.  I’m just a phone call away. 

Photo: Agave harvest in Tequila, Jalisco


Agave Harvest For Tequila

It’s Your Dream Vacation And You Want It To Be Perfect

You’d like to visit Mexico and you want more than just a beach vacation.  But it’s daunting, right?  Where to eat?  How to get around?  What about the language barrier?  How are we going to arrange hotel reservations before we get go? etc.  Relax!  I do all the heavy lifting for you.  Everything is carefully prepared before you leave, we go over the itinerary together, you have all your contact information in hand, so you’re ready and confident on the day of your flight. 

Photo: Edzna ruins near Campeche


Custom Created Itineraries Just For You

Planning a trip takes hours and hours of work, especially if you’re not familiar with an area.  My five years living in Mexico allow me to get you to those special places that will create a beautiful, relaxed experience and wonderful memories for you.  Take a look at these sample itineraries. 

Photo: Botanical gardens in Oaxaca 

My Family on Vacation in Chichen Itza