What to Expect

A Five-Step Process

When you choose either our Gold Plan or our Platinum Plan, we’ll work through a five-step process to ensure that your trip is perfect.

We’ll start with some questions;

  • How many people will be traveling
  • Time frame – when you’d like to go and for how many days
  • Budget – we’ll work within your budget
  • Experience – have you traveled before, have you traveled in Mexico
  • Are there any cities you’d most like to visit
  • What are your must-see places and activities.  This could be something like “take a culinary class in Oaxaca” or “swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta.”

Step One – Creating The Itinerary

First, I’ll send you some suggestions that will fit your budget and plans.  This will include your “must have” items, as well as a few other possibilities for you to consider.  I’ll take into account the pace at which you wish to spend each day and the logistics of getting around.

Step Two – Accommodations

After the itinerary meets your approval, it’s time to think about accommodations.  I can recommend a wide variety of hotels or even Airbnbs if that’s your preference.  We’ll find out what you expect in a hotel.  Do you need a place with a pool or a restaurant?  What area of the city would you most enjoy staying in?  Do you have special preferences like a tub over a shower?   Would you prefer a room with sweeping views of the city or ocean?  If you’re travelling with children, we’ll talk about any needs they might have.  Whatever you would love to see in accommodations, let me know!  I’ll suggest some wonderful places within your budget.  You have the final say; I’ll do the booking for you.

Step Three – Guides, Drivers, And Activities

 Here’s where we work on how each day will proceed.  Let’s say that for a day in Oaxaca, you’d like to visit the Monte Alban ruins in the morning (beat the crowds, you’ll be glad you did!).  In the afternoon, you’ll be taking a cooking class.  Let’s assume that you want a driver to get you to the ruins, which are about 45 minutes outside of town.  When you get there, would you like a private guide, a group tour, or no guide at all?  What time would you like the driver to take you back to your hotel?  Would you like to eat lunch on the return trip to Oaxaca or wait until you’re back in town?  And that culinary class, would you prefer to work with a haute cuisine chef in a white coat or spend the afternoon with a family in Oaxaca learning how to make authentic tamales?    For all the activities you choose to do, we’ll work out the details together before you leave.

Step Four – Logistics

Logistics really refers to how you’re going to get around in Mexico.   I recommend using chauffeured vehicles for the most part.  Driving can be difficult in Mexico and is absolutely not recommended in the larger cities.  Getting to your destination in and out of town can be accomplished on public transportation but this is cumbersome and time-consuming.  If you’ve ever tried to figure out the NY subway system, you know what I mean.  Throw in the language barrier and it can become impossible.  Guided walking tours are an excellent way to get around in the older, more beautiful parts of a city.  There are also bike tours in most places now but however you choose to get around, I can book your airport transfers, travel to ruins and activities, and to restaurants.  I can also set you up with English-speaking guides if you’d like.

Step Five – Dining

Mexico is experiencing an exuberant flowering in fine dining.  Up and coming young Mexican chefs are reinventing the Mexican dining experience.  There is currently no Michelin guide for Mexico but there should be.  Many Mexican chefs and restaurants are creating Michelin-worthy menus. And of course, traditional Mexican cuisine is world-renowned for a reason.  Whatever style you choose to pursue, I’ll book one or two meals a day for you in the best restaurants available.   Having a dinner reservation that you can cancel if your plans change is far better than wandering around hungry during the high season.  Vegan is still a bit tricky in Mexico, but fine vegetarian dining is usually available in the bigger cities.  Fortunately, gluten and lactose free are relatively easy almost everywhere in Mexico.  

A Word About Your Itinerary

Before your departure, you’ll receive a complete, detailed itinerary.  It will contain all the information about your hotel, dining, activities, guides, and travel for each day.  It will also include contact information for your hotel and guides.  There will be a pre-departure check list about what to pack, insurance, possible weather conditions, electrical outlets, tech stuff, credit/atm card use, tipping, doing laundry, and more.  You’ll set out for Mexico but you’re not on your own.  Everything is arranged for you and all you have to do is enjoy the experience.  Contact me and we can talk about your dream vacation.